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4th of July

The Annual Fourth of July Fireworks for the Indiana Masonic Home and the Franklin Community is held on the grounds of the Masonic Home in Franklin. There are afternoon-long activities on the ‘Circle’ followed by ground displays and aerial fireworks after dark.

There are children’s games, food vendors and live entertainment.

This was not always the case. In the past, the Masonic Fraternity provided the Fireworks for the residents and children. The Franklin Community also joined in for the festivities. Over the years, the Fraternity was no longer able to support costs of hosting the display in the grandiose fashion many as do larger communities.

The annual fireworks display was moved from the Masonic Home to another location in Franklin. The late Norman Blankenship, Mayor of Franklin, remembered coming to the Indiana Masonic Home on July 4th as a child and watching, with delight, the fireworks. He wanted to bring back that tradition. So, in 2003, the Annual Fourth of July Fireworks returned. The event is in memory of Norman Blankenship. There is usually a large crowd estimated to be between 2,000 to 4,000 children and adults on and around our campus.

The 4th of July celebration is open to the public and the community. Call us at (317) 726-6141 or (888) IMH-6077 for additional details about the upcoming 4th of July celebration.

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